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About Me

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M.D. (Mike) House semi-retired from a successful career in Corporate Finance and Business Leadership in late 2020. While most of that time was spent in the Midwest of the United States—primarily in the Chicago area—he traveled to many parts of world as he supported design, production, marketing and selling of large manufactured products like Ford vehicles, International trucks, and Sullair-branded industrial air compressors.

He also did a stint in Reno, Nevada working for a gold mining company, and has been deep inside an underground mine in South America. Interesting experience.


Since semi-retiring, he and his wife have lived in Cache Valley, in northern Utah, and love it there. Mike is not from Utah (though he was born there), but his mother hails from nearby Weston, ID. He has driven by Glenn Beck’s ranch entrance several times, wondering if he’ll ever get to see over the hill.


A natural teacher and storyteller, Mike has been able to take full advantage of his semi-retirement by engaging in his love for fiction writing. He started many years ago with some science fiction, but has since expanded into Biblical and Book of Mormon historical fiction, and also fantasy.

Adding his keen interests in economics and politics to life-sustaining faith, he aims to make a positive impact on the world with powerful stories of people both real and imagined. He doesn’t expect to ever match “the greatest short story ever told” (Jesus’s Parable of the Prodigal Son), but he’ll continue to do his best.

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Notebook and Pen

Writing Advice

Giving writing advice is tricky. It depends on why you're writing, and to whom. Just remember that your writing will have an impact, and that little things get noticed and create impressions. If you don't edit sufficiently, you'll fail in getting your message across effectively, and you might not end up sounding as genuine as you intended.

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