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After her miraculous rescue by the angel Raphael, Sophia, daughter of Barabbas and Chanah, sets out with the former slave Onesimus to find the elusive and itinerant apostle John. Once they find him, an unexpected trip outside the Roman empire into the mysterious northern nation of Sarmatia expands her understanding of God’s global efforts to gather his children to their Savior.
It also reveals in starker detail the pernicious, pervasive attempts by the adversary to disrupt the work and turn the children of God toward evil and superstition. Pride is her own weakness, and she must learn how to temper and control it, so that her mind might be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
What surprises await her as she travels great distances with the Lord’s beloved apostle to spread the message of the gospel? How differently does God see her life than what she has assumed? What will happen to the growing church’s relationship with Rome when Emperor Vespasian dies and his sons pick up the mantle? And how does John continue to have so much energy and faith?

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