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While a mighty nation reels following the assassination of its chief leader, its greatest enemy prepares to launch another bold invasion aimed at the subjugation of the free people of Nephi, about fifty years before the Savior’s long-prophesied advent to the world.

Caught up in the swirling cacophony of events is a young soldier and spy, a former orphan whose growing testimony of the coming Christ will be tested and refined as he engages in momentous battles to preserve the freedom and faith of his nation from invasion, assassinations, and creeping apostasy.


Excerpt from Ch. 6, p. 123

“You are a Christian, I presume?”

How did he answer that question in the presence of the prophet of the Lord? Was he, truly? He had been baptized, and had tried to be faithful and obedient to the statutes and ordinances. He had no serious doubts that Helaman, and many great leaders before him, were prophets and prophetesses.

“I am,” replied Kai, raising his eyes and feeling his conviction grow a bit in saying it with such firm feeling in front of the prophet. “And I will die one. I’m not as knowledgeable as most. I can’t do miracles or anything. But I will defend the cause of the Christians to the last drop of my blood.”

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