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M.D. House Newsletter for May 2024

After a long journey, Crossroads of Awakening Memory, Book 1 of the multi-world fantasy epic End Times Convergence, is finally a reality!

Here is the ad copy: As ancient portals between worlds awaken, a young warrior-mage must embrace his destiny or get swept away in the convergence of cosmic chaos.

And the back cover teaser (which I've shared before): To young trainee Rain Barynd, becoming a Council Guard in bucolic New Haven will secure a positive future that involves neither farming nor any real fighting. Impressing his girlfriend’s skeptical parents and overcoming a handful of bullies among the trainees—along with the inexplicable intensity of his trainer, a decorated warrior from the East—are his greatest challenges. Or so he believes.

A rare and ruthless bandit attack marks the beginning of the mayhem that engulfs Rain’s childhood home and sets him on an unimaginable path that includes … his own magic? Talismans that enable travel to other worlds? Griffons and dragons, ancient nemeses thought to be long extinct? Strange metal beasts that spit bellowing fire? And even elves of fairy tale, as real as the dwarves?

Amid a besom of chaos and doubt, Rain must work with members of a mysterious ancient order to piece together a growing convergence of clues long prophesied. All while trying to figure out his place in the madness. Only one thing is certain—he is not ready.

I was really hoping to have that book available for sale at the last show I attended, the FIRM Foundation conference in Sandy, UT in April (where I also gave two presentations focused on religious themes and leadership), but finishing up the interior design took quite a bit longer than anticipated. No worries, though. It's great to have it out there now, and I love the work the designer did both inside and out!

Below is a pic of my booth. I changed up how I use the book case, which worked out great. I'll be at a homeschoolers conference at the end of this month. It will include both adults and youth, and I'll have nine titles to sell. Should be a blast!

Progress Updates

I should get the manuscript for Shadow Hunters of Helaman back from the editor mid-month. Given some of the timing delays for Crossroads, I'll potentially switch designers for this one, but haven't quite decided yet. I'm excited to get started on the polishing work! I'm still hoping to hit June for a release date, but we might slip into July.


I'm about 60% through the planning for the lengthy 3rd volume in the Patriot Star series (probably Fractured Star now). I had hoped to finish it and start a bit of the writing in April, but an avalanche of other priorities intruded. That's how life goes. :) I'm still aiming for a 2024 release.


I also started working on a way to do a simple publication release for The Barabbas Companion, a study guide linked with I Was Called Barabbas. It is currently just a pdf file I send to people for free for signing up for my newsletter. I might actually push the button this month using a cover created in Bookbrush and interior through (which is what I did for Amulek: Revenant).


I'm creating an outline for a short non-fiction book as well, religion-based. Lots of good ideas for that one already.


The fun/challenging times keep coming. Always glad God is on our side! (And he truly is.)




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