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M.D. House Newsletter for September 2023

My live Facebook interview with Tricia Goyer was a lot of fun, as usual. The focus, of course, was on Sophia: Daughter of Barabbas. Click on the picture below to check it out!

I also recorded a podcast interview with Latter-day Lights back in late June, and that dropped in August. It focused on all my work, not just Sophia, and was another great experience. You can click on the picture below to view it on YouTube.

Progress Updates

Sophia: Daughter of Barabbas has been a lot of fun to talk about (as you can see above). The audiobook version will be in the works very soon, utilizing an experienced female voice artist I've already chosen (and whose name I'll release soon). Crossroads of Sundering Memory (Fantasy) didn't fit into Shadow Mountain's current plans, so I'm looking for another home for it. I'll run it through another round of edits first, and I can certainly rev up the design engine with Lance Buckley to get us a concept for a cover. :) Amulek: Revenant is still slated for audiobook release in September. For any of you in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, I'll be giving a presentation focused on lessons we can learn from the life of Amulek on Friday, September 15th at 12:30pm in the Topaz Room of the Hilton Hotel at 255 South West Temple Street. You do need to pay to gain entrance to the larger Book of Mormon event, hosted by the FIRM Foundation. The Servant of Helaman screenplay, in first draft form and written by Anthony Guilianti, turned out fantastic (better than expected). I've forwarded it to a couple of interested parties, and I'll be working on some modifications and polishing of the script. The Sequel to the Servant of Helaman (The Shadow Hunters of Helaman?) is now more than 50% through Draft 1. I had hoped to be farther along by now, but I've recently picked up speed. Draft 1 will be completed this month. Planning will begin soon on the 3rd volume in the Patriot Star series, as promised; I just haven't had the time quite yet. ;) I'm also still working through some audiobook options for Patriot Star and Kindred Star. Hopefully I'll have more to report on that soon.

As always, feel free to reach out to me at Thank you!


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