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Overthrowing the Media Gods

How often do media moguls gather in back rooms to discuss how to move public opinions and social mores in particular directions?  Let’s not be fools.  It happens every day.  And why do they have these discussions?  Well, the primary motivation is money, followed closely by power, and sometimes after that a vicious dose of moral spite mixed with an ego-driven sense of omniscience and omnipotence.  The powerful people in Hollywood, on Madison Avenue, and in the Chief Editorial offices comprise a virulent breed of aristocracy at least equal to that on Wall Street (to whom they are more linked than they will ever admit); yes, they truly do believe that they are better than the rest of us.  We’re aware of that, aren’t we?  Well, if we are, then why don’t we understand how they’re trying to brainwash us, how their goal is to make us so weak-willed that at the ring of a Pavlovian bell we instantly submit to the titillation of our base human passions and gladly open our wallets to them?

Sometimes we see real art in the movies.  Most producers and directors take at least some pride in their craft, at least some of the time.  But think about how easy we make it for them, and how tempting it is to cop out and still make a load of loot off of us.  How hard is it to make a movie that will make you enough money to buy that Lamborghini … if, course, you’re already part of the Hollywood elite?  All you need are a couple of big-name celebs, a hastily-crafted script that focuses on putting those two celebs in lots of sexual situations, some crude jokes and an anti-religious reference or two, maybe a desperately hungry polar bear and her cub spliced in there somehow, and you’re set.  You’re in the money.  We’re such suckers.  We’ll pay hard-earned money to watch two “A-list” stars slobber on and grope at each other for two hours while enacting a story that makes no sense while sublety telling us that we’re peasant morons.

One of the more astounding vehicles created by the media aristocracy was the innocuous-sounding cable channel called “ABC Family.”  John Adams is howling from his grave at the brazen purulence of prime-time TV for “families.”  I’ve seen the previews, and watched portions of some of the “family” shows proffered by the media gods at ABC.  They celebrate and glamorize the dysfunction of the traditional family, skewering their unsuspecting victims with barbed darts of shocking and completely unrealistic fantasy … and then laugh it off while they’re charging Lamborghinis on their Amex Black cards.

And what is a PG-13 movie now?  Oh, there’s a twisted art form to not only dancing around the line, but actually nudging the line over and over again in the same direction.  And what are we?  The frogs, sitting in the comfortably cool water as the temperature slowly begins to rise.  At what point do we decide to jump out of that water?  At what point is it too late?  We all make stupid choices with regards to the entertainment delights that we consume, and in every case someone else makes money for feeding us trash.  They get filthy rich on our inability to keep our emotions in check and be sensible about what we mentally feed ourselves.  And they laugh at us.

So how do we change it?  How do we stop the media titans from completely crushing our spirits and turning us into abject slaves?  Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Stop paying for the stupid crap they produce!  The term “romantic comedy” should be enough of a clue in most cases that the film is poorly-conceived, socially-condescending garbage, and “reality” shows are nothing of the sort – it’s all contrived to shock you into laughter

  2. Support more PG and G movies.  Why can’t adults enjoy some of the G-rated animated movies out there?  Many of them are quite good, with positive messages and good humor, without most of the nonsense (though we see some of it creeping almost subliminally into them – ugh)

  3. Knock off the useless, time-wasting celebrity worship.  I don’t care what Kate Middleton’s wedding dress looked like (though I hear it was modest and I appreciate that), or that she married into the British “royal” family (whatever that means).  I really, truly do NOT need to see any pictures of Angelina Jolie’s adopted children or Donald Trump’s “magnificent” hair.  I’m not impressed by red-carpet interviews, and I don’t care at all what the celebs are wearing (actually, I do – I’m concerned they don’t wear nearly enough).  Do you realize what they’re saying when they talk about the designer clothes they’re flaunting?  I’m better than you, and my body is sexier than yours.  But are they?  Good heavens, no.  And they should not be our gods.

  4. Read more books.  Do more things outside.  Spend time with friends doing different things than watching movies and soaking up liquor.  Expand your mind and your spirit.  Connect better with the Earth on which you live.  Master your passions and declare your freedom!  Don’t let anybody brainwash you into becoming a slave to your passions – a slave they can then manipulate.  Don’t be the pliant fool they want you to be.


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