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Progress Update - February 12, 2021

I'm still having way too much fun. My goodness.

Pillars of Barabbas is DONE. Final files sent to the interior designer (who also did the cover) and the voice actor for the audiobook. No more reviews. No more tweaks. Done. Launch is March 23, with a week-long virtual book tour beginning March 22. I've been building some notes and outlines for Book 3 of the Barabbas series, but I'm not going to start that in earnest yet.

Servant of Helaman is coming along really well. Draft 2's are a lot of work, because I'm trying to make sure I've got the details of person, place, and thing right (and without conflicts). Even so, I'm a quarter of the way through it. I may finish Draft 2 by the end of February, and Draft 3 by the end of March. That would be wonderful.

I'm still progressing slowly through preparations to pick up the sequel to Patriot Star. I haven't been able to devote quite as much time to it, but it'll come. Have faith. ;) And thank you for all your support!


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