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The Barabbas Companion, Vol. 1

It's both fun and challenging to put together a study guide for a book. Beneficial, too. Re-reading "I Was Called Barabbas" (for probably the 12th time) while taking notes and linking additional references and insights has been an amazing process.

Now, the task of bringing it all together in cohesive fashion for a useful study guide is underway. One of the examples I've looked to is the Season 1 study guide for The Chosen, entitled "What Does it Mean to be Chosen?" I enjoy that it's simple and easy to read, utilizing various methods and formats to highlight key insights and inspiring examples.

I haven't decided on the publishing route for Volume 1, though one publisher has expressed interest. Enjoy this promotional graphic featuring some of my notes. The Bible verse at the top is the chapter heading of the Prologue of "I Was Called Barabbas."


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