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The "Small World" of Barabbas

A few have heard this fun and amazing story. It's worth sharing.

Shortly after I teased the cover for Pillars of Barabbas on social media, I received a message through my Books page on Facebook from someone named Thomas Mucha, in Germany. He said he was very excited to see that his photograph was appearing on the cover of my book, and he asked if I wouldn't mind sending him a copy of the book when it was released.

I don't believe everything I read via the internet, so I checked with the designer, Lance Buckley. He confirmed that, sure enough, the name attached to the photo he had purchased to use for the cover was Thomas Mucha. So, I promised Thomas I would send him a book.

I ended up deciding to send him two books, both signed. It cost me $40 to ship them to the little town near the Polish border in Germany where Thomas and his family live, but it was worth it.

A few weeks later, I received a postcard from Thomas thanking me for the books. That was nice of him to do, and I was happy they had been safely received.

Given how beautiful the area is near where he lives, it's looking like a trip there is in the offing, hopefully sometime soon. :)

M.D. House


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