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New!  Because Fiction Podcast with Chautona Havig, June 13, 2021

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New!  Interview with Tricia Goyer of Avid Readers of Christian Fiction, June 8, 2021

New!  POP Talk Interview (Pearls of Promise Ministries) aired June 12, 2021

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New!  Interview with Jaime Vaughn, Christian Fiction Bookshelf Podcast , May 18, 2021

Interview with Dr. Paul Reeves on Dr. Paul's Family Talk Radio Show from Detroit on April 28, 2021

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Interview with Roger Marsh of The Bottom Line Radio Show April 26, 2021

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Interview with Rick and Dan of FaithTalk Live on March 23, 2021

Interview with Dave "Doc" Kirby of WTBF's On The Bookshelf, Aired March 28, 2021 (Palm Sunday)

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Listen to Kevin Avery of The Kevin and Taylor Show on 104.7 The Fish endorse Pillars of Barabbas

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Listen to the iHeart Radio Ad for I Was Called Barabbas created by Brian Craig on Dec 7, 2020

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The man they called Barabbas has come a long way from the wretched prisoner released by Pontius Pilate in lieu of Jesus of Nazareth. He and his wife Chanah are growing in regard among the leadership of Christ’s fledgling ...



We know precious little of the man called Barabbas, a contemporary of Jesus of Nazareth. He is variously described in the historical record as thief,murderer, rebel, and notable Roman prisoner. His release by. . .

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It doesn’t get much worse than the prospect of a three-way civil war, and in a global superpower grown arrogant and complacent in its prosperity, only one influential man leads the peaceful charge against . . .

Dotted Background

In The Press

Why I Think This Guy Makes Biblical Fiction Come Alive, by Chautona Havig

Biblical fiction, first-person perspective. The books have everything against them, but M.D. House got me excited about reading The Barabbas Trilogy before we’d spoken for five minutes. House offers us a look at what could have been based on what we know of what was. Just reading the “Look Inside” on Amazon gives you a hint of where House’s Barabbas came from and where he’ll go on his redemptive journey.

From what I’ve read, these books might make my top books of 2021 list!

A few years ago, I finally read a Biblical Fiction book that I liked.  My favorite part was that the series was about Biblical places and their effects on people’s lives rather than about specific people. I figured that I had finally found “my” kind of Biblical fiction. And I probably did! However, after chatting with M.D. House (a.k.a. Mike), I discovered that there are other sorts of Biblical fiction that intrigue me. Seriously, listening to Mike talk about his process in writing his most recent release, Pillars of Barabbas, all I could think of is, “WOW!”  And “BUY IT NOW.” So I did.

Mike spent hours and hours reading every word of Paul’s epistles, taking hundreds of lines of notes, and really immersing himself into just who Paul was in order to… get this.  GIVE US A POV character in his book.  From Paul. Chatting with Mike was great because as we talked, I could hear the passion he has for the church, for God’s people, and for the Lord.  The man loves God’s Word, and it comes out in every word he speaks, practically.

While I’m anxious to read these first two books, listening to him talk about what he’s doing with book three… EEEP!  Guys.  The Destruction of Jerusalem.  It’s about to hit the page. Personally, I can’t wait.

Chautona Havig - June 2021

M.D. House’s Pillars of Barabbas tells the story of Barabbas, the prisoner and murderer who was chosen by the crowd to be pardoned and released instead of Jesus Christ. In House’s rendering, Barabbas goes on after his release to not only become a Christian, but to ascend to the position of Bishop, teaching and saving others. A powerful message that is intelligently crafted by House.

Pillars of Barabbas provides a strong sense of time and place, so the reader feels as if they are part of the action unfolding on every page. Although set in Biblical times, the author manages to excellently set the scene and create bold characters without using overly stuffy or difficult language, providing an easy and captivating read. The characters are well crafted and realistic, as the story progresses, you will find yourself invested in the lives of Barabbas, Chanah, their children, Paul, and other Biblical figures. Full of Biblical knowledge and Christian teaching, readers who enjoy Christian fiction will not want to miss Pillars of Barabbas.


If you love historical work, Christian fiction, or simply an intelligent read, then Pillars of Barabbas is right for you!

The Lost Chapter, LLC - February 2021 (pre-launch)

"I am always intrigued to read books that try to fill in more context around the Biblical stories - it helps bring the historical time period alive, and it's fun to make conjectures about what might have happened to people in the Bible outside of what we know. I was happy to review I Was Called Barabbas. I found it to be an intriguing dive into the "what might have been" about a character that only briefly appears in the Gospels as the prisoner released the day of Christ's crucifixion."

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Here are some SAMPLES

PILLARS OF BARABBAS Audio Book Sample (Release Date TBD)

Pillars Audio Sample from Ch 2Mike Vincent
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We know precious little of the man called Barabbas, a contemporary of Jesus of Nazareth. He is variously described in the historical record as thief, murderer, rebel, and notable Roman prisoner. His release by the Roman Prefect Pontius Pilate was part of the supernal plan for the Christ to offer himself as the ultimate blood sacrifice, but it’s doubtful Barabbas understood any of that at the time...


xx I Was Called Barabbas SampleJim Cooper
00:00 / 04:23

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